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Flexible Reporting with Asana2Go

Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly

  • A Swiss Army knife for when you need to get content out of Asana or just view it differently, either repeatedly or ad-hoc
  • Easy to use for novices
  • A multi-purpose tool to flexibly copy, export, and print from Asana
  • Make a nice-looking PDF from Asana, or a printed page/report
  • Copy from Asana to an email, document, etc.
  • See your Asana tasks and subtasks in any of 20 available innovative output formats
  • Turn tasks into a slide show
  • Turn search results into an interactive table with powerful multiple sorts and filters not found in Asana
  • Create ad-hoc or recurring CSV or JSON files
  • Allows you to work in Asana even when your collaborators do not
  • Experts can modify/write their own custom report formats using the in-tool authoring environment
  • Works with all free/paid Asana plans
  • No extra login/authentication required
  • Does not modify/write anything in your Asana
  • All 5-Star ratings and enthusiastic reviews
  • Over 7k installations
  • Asana2Go is a Chrome Extension for Asana
  • MS Edge and Opera browsers are fully-compatible with Asana2Go for Chrome
  • Conceived, designed, and developed solely by Larry Berger

"Simple to use, accessible to anyone, and it just works. A great tool; you're on your way to becoming famous in the community!"

Paul Mayer, developer and creator of Asana Experts

"Ground-breaking . . . [A] great reporting tool."


"It does reporting just the way Asana should be doing."

"Really impressed. . . . [A] lot of requests . . . will be solved by this tool."

Various members of the Asana Community Forum

"Your Asana2Go app is amazing! It's destined to become a reference application in the Asana ecosystem."

Bastien Siebman, expert Asana developer and creator of Templana

Asana2Go Featured Videos and Articles

Learn more at Trilogi's Youtube Channel (demo/how-to videos) and Trilogi's Medium publication (including feature explainers)

Asana2Go: Interactive Tables

Article w/video      Video Only

Dynamically search/filter as you type, sort (multi-column, ascending/descending), and choose from 20 attribute columns to hide/show in a flexible, interactive, tabular view of your tasks that offers nearly all the content of Asana's Detail pane.

Realize the full potential of Asana2Go with the Tables - Interactive format, which lets you quickly see and interact with any selection of tasks from your My Tasks, projects, or search results, or any of a task's subtasks, in a powerful view that extends and combines Asana's own list view and detail pane.

Asana2Go: Instant Slide Presentations from Asana

Article w/video      Video Only

Create and deliver rich slide presentations from your Asana tasks. Turn your Asana tasks into an attractive, interactive slideshow (or a nice PDF of your slides). There’s even an integrated speaker notes facility.

Asana2Go: What it Does and How to Use it

Video Only

Asana2Go is a multi-purpose Swiss Army knife for when you need to get content out of Asana or just view it differently, either repeatedly or ad-hoc. See how to use Asana2Go out of the box and how to create your own custom outputs.

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