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About consultant Larry Berger

Asana Services Partner, Technology Partner, Forum Leader, and Event Leader

Larry Berger , is one of just a few leading Asana consultants worldwide, and an expert in Asana usage, workflows, and API. He is a project and staff manager with over twenty years of enterprise (Fortune 500), small business, and freelance experience.

  • 150+ clients large and small across all for-profit vertical markets and nonprofits
  • First Certified Asana Workflow Specialist
  • Early Asana adopter in 2012, longtime Asana consultant, beta tester, and friend of Asana
  • Asana Community Forum Leader; #1 Monthly Top Contributor; #1 solutions provided (1k+)
  • Asana Events Leader: Monthly AMA for Nonprofits since 2021
  • Creator of Asana2Go (12k+ users); Asana Technology Partner; Developer Advisory Board Member

Larry's background is in management of complex, startup- and enterprise-level software design and development. He has held lead roles as information architect, interaction designer, usability specialist, and developer.

"As our Asana usage increased, updating our workflow process was a daunting task for us. Larry helped us develop an improved process that saved us time and reduced confusion. Larry is great at presenting alternatives for implementation along with their costs and benefits. He went above and beyond by taking the time to coach us on the latest and greatest product improvements. Through his expert guidance and recommendations, I have become a stronger Asana user.  With my increased knowledge, I have the confidence to support our team and keep us performing at a high level. Asana is a tool with many possibilities, but Larry helped us find the solutions that worked best for us. I highly recommend his services."

Stephanie Sanata, Manager, Marketing Operations at ICF (Global advisory and digital services provider)

Asana Consulting with Larry

We begin with an assessment: Do you even need a consultant? If not, I'll tell you so and point you to Asana’s extensive self-study content.

Asana can be likened to a workshop of power tools: It offers many powerful features with few prescribed solutions, especially for your unique needs. I can help you navigate Asana's landscape to deploy appropriate, creative solutions.

I'll demonstrate alternatives from my library of customized workflow solutions and help you select from among them to put in place an architecture that will meet your goals while avoiding rework and dead ends.

Here are some ways we work with clients:

  • Leverage your investment in Asana and improve productivity
  • Streamline your existing Asana workflows
  • Do more with Asana throughout your organization
  • Create and implement Asana deployment and onboarding plans
  • Work alongside your team; ensure best practices take hold
  • Implement Asana integrations with your favorite applications

"I don't believe anyone knows Asana better than Larry. You can't ever trick him with an Asana-related question."

Bastien Siebman, leading Asana Solutions Provider

"You may be the answer to our prayers! Your remarkable sessions and Asana guidance are enabling us to reach the organizational development vision we have for this company, even in the midst of Covid response."

Oscar J. Espinosa, Deputy Chief, Graham Fire & Rescue

Live Interactive Asana Training (Recordable)

  • Hands-on, interactive training for both new and existing users
  • Learn the "why" of Asana and the many places where Asana fits into your organization
  • Gain just the skills you need to start using Asana productively immediately and day-to-day
  • Personalize your settings, master the key My Tasks area, instantly achieve Asana Inbox Zero, and learn wide-reaching best practices including the three main types of Asana Projects
  • Two 90-minute sessions over a week or two is typical, but sessions can also be condensed to a single one or extended as desired
  • Train virtually in one all-hands group, optionally with team-by-team follow-ups
  • Plenty of time for Q&A to focus on specific features and to address any common issues encountered
  • Can include your organization’s environment, projects, and workflows

"Larry is thoughtful, flexible, and extremely competent. He listened carefully as I explained my organization and its needs, and gave us some amazing, insightful tips for both improving processes that already worked well and overhauling projects that had caused us trouble for ages! I recommend his services very highly."

Nick Milazzo, MS, MPH, Lead Researcher & Editor-In-Chief of Study Summaries, Examine

Self-Paced Asana Citizen Training

  • Train your team quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively using Larry's custom training plan, Asana Citizen Training
  • Suitable for those brand new to Asana and for Asana users looking to level up
  • Your team learns Asana from within your existing Asana environment
  • Each team member receives their own Asana 101 project with a dozen short modules to complete at their own pace (about two hours total)
  • A half-dozen supporting projects provide ongoing references like how to get more help, advanced topics for further study, best practices, etc.
  • Curated multimedia and proprietary learning resources are focused on just those topics a good Asana Citizen must know to effectively collaborate with others and complete their own work in Asana
  • A simple dashboard allows tracking completion across your team
  • Contact us to learn more about Asana Citizen Training and see a demo

"The Asana Citizen Training was so great in helping me deeply understand what Asana can be used for and how I can collaborate with my teammates; I loved learning about how to customize My Tasks and templates to make overlapping projects more organized and streamlined."

NR at California state-wide nonprofit organization

Why Asana Consulting?

Asana is a deceptively simple app that offers remarkable power and benefits for: individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Most clients I encounter are only seeing a fraction of the potential value from their Asana implementation. They're unaware of the vast range of solutions, workflows, and features Asana provides.

Even just comprehending what Asana can do is a struggle for many. I present Asana as:

  • Work management and tracking: Bread-and-butter Asana usage to know who's doing what by when, eliminate work about work, and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks
  • Project management: Complex or simple, no project manager required; what's the status, what's next, and what's left to do
  • Workflows/pipelines/mini-applications: Streamline and standardize processes, e. g., an editorial calendar, recruiting tracker, or approach to manage 1:1s with your staff
  • Information repositories: E. g., department policies/procedures, project documentation, even a lightweight CRM

When so many needs can be so well-accommodated by Asana, many benefits accrue if you more fully utilize Asana, perhaps even eliminating redundant apps from your tool landscape:

  • Greater productivity
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clarity and simplicity
  • Accountablity
  • Reduced costs

Our Asana Consulting services will enable you to unlock these benefits quickly, effectively, and comprehensively with best-of-class workflow solutions from one of the leading Asana Services Partner consultants worldwide.

"Larry introduced Asana to our firm and it has immeasurably improved our ability to be consistently focused, organized and effective in managing work across the company. Now we can't imagine business without it. Larry's customized demos were instrumental in getting our CEO to be an initial champion of the tool. He was a hands-on trainer for our early adopters and created self-study tutorials that are the foundation for how we on-board new users today. He helped us develop the architecture for complex initiatives and created project templates that helped us get off the ground."

Senior Executive, $6B+ San Francisco Bay Area investment management firm

"Your one-hour JumpStart provided many rich insights and I will keep building on the help you provided. So far, I’ve incorporated Milestones and Status Updates to our heavy project workload. This has allowed me a better understanding of what’s happening at any given time. I look forward to working with you again."

For Nonprofits

I enjoy working with nonprofits large and small at a reduced rate and sometimes pro bono.

"👋🏽 Larry: The reigning Asana nonprofits champion!! So excited to learn from you."

Hella Abebe, Nonprofits & EDU Customer Success Manager, Asana

Best Practices / Forum Leader Tips by Larry

I express my Asana "thought leadership" in the Asana Community Forum including over 50 Forum Leader Tips. These are best practices of lasting value, some quite unique, some short, some comprehensive. For the complete set with previews, shown latest first, see All my Forum Leader Tips.

Innovative/Unexpected Tips

Workflow Design


Featured resources appear below. For my most current contributions, see All my Forum Leader Tips. Screencast demonstrations and how-to videos are at Trilogi's Youtube Channel, and more articles are at Trilogi's Medium publication.

Tackle (almost) anything in Asana: Step-by-step

Free Workshop Webinar Video in Asana Academy

Learn a recipe of easy-to-follow steps to design and implement any new workflow or process in Asana. Tired of getting lost or running into dead ends when you build something new in Asana? In this workshop, you'll learn a recipe of easy-to-follow steps to design and implement any new workflow or process in Asana. You'll walk away with repeatable best practices and rules of thumb for properly structuring your individual and team projects in Asana so you and your team can more easily reach your goals.

This workshop delivers a great deal of value in a practical way, organized into these three sections:

  • Asana’s building blocks • Key points
  • Recipe to architect (almost) anything • Putting it all together
  • Project checklist • Rules of thumb for any Project
Larry conceived, created, and delivered this presentation (followed by extensive Q&A), in concert with Asana for Asana's first-ever Learn-a-thon on September 22, 2021.

Your Simple (or Advanced) Strategy for Asana’s My Tasks


This comprehensive article on My Tasks, for both experienced and new Asana users:

  • Outlines a simple but highly functional My Tasks setup with brief, step-by-step setup and use instructions,
  • Explores an advanced My Tasks approach–the one I actually use–that I feel is unique yet has wide applicability, and
  • Offers a survey of other “best of” My Tasks approaches. If the previous two examples aren’t your cup of tea, surely something here will be to your liking.

There’s more along the way, including a generous helping of tips and best practices.

In summary, this article will give you a quick, simple playbook, along with advanced and alternative approaches, to make your My Tasks really work for you.

Asana Mind: 100+ Tips and Tricks from Asana experts

Free eBook

This free eBook is the result of my collaboration with several other top Asana Forum Leaders.

It's jam-packed with content for users of all levels--how-to's, use cases, and many highly-creative tips and tricks that will keep you on your toes. You can either read/skim it like a book, or treat it as more of a reference by using the detailed table of contents to jump around by clicking on the chapter titles.

Click the cover or the link above, fill out the short form (don't worry, if you say you don't want to be contacted, you won't be contacted), and you’ll get the download link upon form submission in the confirmation message.

Asana2Go: Instant Slide Presentations from Asana

Article w/video      Video Only

Create and deliver rich slide presentations from your Asana tasks. Turn your Asana tasks into an attractive, interactive slideshow (or a nice PDF of your slides). There’s even an integrated speaker notes facility.

Flexible Reporting with Asana2Go

Larry conceived, designed, and developed the Asana2Go app which allows you to copy, export and print from Asana flexibly. It is free for most private and commercial use, well-reviewed (all 5-Star ratings), and popular (over 7k installations).

Learn more about Asana2Go

"Ground-breaking . . . [A] great reporting tool."


"It does reporting just the way Asana should be doing."

"Really impressed. . . . [A] lot of requests . . . will be solved by this tool."

Various members of the Asana Community Forum
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