Asana Consulting

For both new and existing Asana users we provide expert Asana Consulting, Asana Integrations/Custom Development, and the free, multi-purpose Asana2Go Chrome browser extension.

Trilogi's Asana consultant, Larry Berger, is one of the first Asana Certified Pro Consultants worldwide. He is a project and staff manager with over twenty years of freelance, small business and enterprise experience. He has a background in information management and collaboration tools, was an early Asana adopter in 2012, a beta tester for Asana, and is an expert in Asana usage, workflows and API.

Larry introduced Asana to our firm and it has immeasurably improved our ability to be consistently focused, organized and effective in managing work across the company. Now we can't imagine business without it. Larry's customized demos were instrumental in getting our CEO to be an initial champion of the tool. He was a hands-on trainer for our early adopters and created self-study tutorials that are the foundation for how we on-board new users today. He helped us develop the architecture for complex initiatives and created project templates that helped us get off the ground.

Senior Executive, $7B+ San Francisco Bay Area investment management firm

Asana Consulting (Independent consultants; no direct affiliation with Asana)

Why Asana Consulting? Asana is a powerful tool that can help you either individually, with your team, or your whole organization, and in many ways. Yet, in our experience, most users aren’t fully harnessing Asana’s capabilities. Often they are unaware of the diversity of solutions Asana can provide: multiple levels of calendars, agendas, lightweight CRM, multiple workflow/pipeline projects, information repositories, even custom mini-applications, to name just a few. When so many needs can be well-accommodated by a single tool/repository, many benefits accrue including greater productivity and collaboration, clarity, accountablity, and fewer other standalone tools and their associated direct and buried costs. Our consulting services help to unlock these benefits quickly and effectively.

Our Process We begin with an assessment: Do you even need a consultant? If not, I'll tell you so and you can make use of Asana’s extensive self-study content. But consider that Asana is like a woodshop in that it offers many powerful tools but few prescribed solutions, especially for your unique needs. If you're not expert in all the nuances of Asana's many features, and are not aware of the creative solutions already in use by the devoted, worldwide Asana community, then I can help you select from among potential solutions and put in place an architecture that will meet your goals while avoiding rework and dead ends. Here are some ways we work with clients:

  • Create startup, deployment, and onboarding plans
  • Train your Asana users with the right approach cost-effectively with training plans that integrate Asana's learning tools with custom materials. We can also work alongside your team to ensure that best practices are followed from the outset and take hold across all users/teams.
  • Gain the full benefits from all that Asana has to offer
  • Design/Improve your existing Asana workflows
  • Extend the scope of your Asana usage
  • See and discuss a new approach or solution in real time during your initial consultation call/screen share

Non-profits I'd like to work with you pro bono or at a reduced rate.

Asana Integrations and Custom Software Development

  • Advice and/or implementation support for off-the-shelf integrations if appropriate
  • Custom integrations, facilitated by tools such as Zapier, IFTTT, and others, can provide a cost-effective solution without writing any actual code
  • Custom software using the Asana API provides the most flexible solution
  • Integrations with your Asana implementation can be made to another third-party app or to your own custom software
  • Solutions can be provided as standalone user-facing applications, browser extensions, or web services

Asana2Go Chrome Browser Extension

  • A multi-purpose tool for both novices and experts to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana
  • For details and to add to your Chrome browser for immediate use:
    Asana2Go (free) in Chrome Web Store

Asana is a trademark and service mark of Asana, Inc., registered in the U.S. and in other countries.